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l trade working groups, convene maritime cooperation committee meeting as soon as possible, promote exports of agricultural and fishery products to China, and deepen financial cooperation.Prior to the meeting, th6

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e two sides witnessed the signing of two memorandums of understanding concerning cybersecurity and industrial parks cooperation.b

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has administered more than 9 million doses of self-developed COVID-19 vaccines. A senior health official announced this at a pd

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ress conference on Saturday.Starting Dec. 15, China officially launched the COVID-19 vaccination program for this winterA

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-spring period targeting a number of key groups, including those engaged in handling imported cold-chain products, customs off6

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icers, medical workers, and people working in public transport and fresh mr


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arkets.Since then, more than 7.5 million doses have been administered among these groups, 5

igh speed9

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said Zeng Yixin, deputy head

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railway anu
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d industriaV
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l parks.c
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Indonesia wer

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d of the National Health Commission (NHC).With the previous 1.6 million doses targetinb

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g groups with high risks of infection, a total of over 9 million doses have been administered in China. It further proved the safex

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ty of self-developed COVID-19 vaccines, Zeng said.Zeng said that China would vaccinate the eligible population as widely as possible and gF

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radually build an immune barrier in the whole population to control the epidemic.The vaccinati6

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